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Al-Otrojah Summer Programs 2019


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1. Al-Otrojah 4th Annual Muslim & proud Summer Camp

The Camp is Five weeks Program that allows your kid to discover himself and his identity by experiencing different aspects of Islamic values, Handcrafts, creative activities, workshops and trips.

Each week your kid will learn:

1.Quran & Tafseer
2. Understand the Islamic’s Rights (Rights of Allah and Muhammad “PUBH” ...etc ) and how to apply this in our lives.
3.Islamic miracles from Quran and Prophet’s Mohamed Seerah and the
effect of these values on the kid’s behaviour
4.The great history of the Islamic inventors and their roles in the history of inventions.


-Campers will be awarded for their learning and participation by the end of the Camp


For Summer Camp registration, Click Here


Three days per week, Monday-Wednesday -Friday (Except the First week we start on Tuesday)

Date: From July 2nd to Aug 2nd (5 weeks)

Time: 10 AM to 2 PM
( We offer after-hours Supervision from 2 to 4 PM – $5 per hour )

Age group: Girls (4-12Yrs) Boys (4-10Yrs)

Fees:60$ per week and Discount applied for extended period ($115 /2 weeks - $170/3 weeks - $225/ 4 weeks - $270/ 5weeks) 

 Early Bird Discount until June 18th ( $160/3 weeks - $210/ 4 weeks - $250/ 5weeks) 


interested in out LUNCH PLAN? Click Here for more information!


Extra fees required for Lunch plans, Workshops & trips


All Payments are online- No Payments will be accepted at the door


2. Kids Quran Summer Programs
For Registration,Timings and more details:

Mississauga Main Campus: Click Here

Oakville, Al Falah Centre: Click Here

Etobicoke Branch: Click Here

(All Programs starts in July)
 a. Advanced Hifz :(Condensed Memorization Program)
Age: 9 years and older 
Timings: 5 PM to 8 PM- Twice a week
**Registrants should know how to read the Quran.
b. Kids Quran Program:
Learn Bidaya & memorize Al Fatiha, Alfalaq, AlNas, Alalaa, Alnabaa or Continue from the student stopped.
Age:4 to 8 years old
**Timing may varies according to number of students per halaqa
c. Bidaya Program:
Learn how to read Arabic writing of the Quran and How to pronounce it.
Age:4 -14 years old
Timings: Twice a week
**Timing may varies according to number of students per halaqa 
Adults & Youth Programs (Mississauga only):
For Registration Click here
(All Programs starts in July)
a. Hifz & Tafsir Surat Al-Noor Course (Sisters only):
Fees: $60/-5 weeks
Timings: Once a week on Thursdays –10 AM to 12 PM 
 **Min 6 Students to start
b. Telawa Correction for Surat Al-Kahf course ( Sisters only):
Fees: $60/5 weeks
Timings: Tuesdays –Once a week-- 10 AM to 12 PM
**Minimum 6 students
c. Makharij & Sifat Course (Sisters only):
Training on correction of the student Makharij using Al Qaeda Noraniyah Book for Children and adults.
Fees:$200/5 weeks
Timings: 3hours – 10 am to 1 pm -once a week- Wednesdays
**Minimum 6 students
d Islamic Calligraphy:
Fees:$60/ 7 weeks
Timings: Saturday 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
**Minimum 6 students
v. Sanad:
Revision and memory recitation of the entire Qur'an in front of a “Shaikh” who has Ejaza with correction of Tajweed, Makharij & sifat and learning like verses
Fees:$120/ 5 weeks  - Once a week
vi. Pre-Sanad:
Revise the student's hifz, correct his makharij and learn about theoretical Tajweed.
Fees:$120/ 5 weeks - Once a week