Payment Policy & Discounts


Al-Otrojah Registration and Payment Policy

Effective September 1st, 2018


1- All Students must register their information online before attending halaqas or making any payments.


2- To view each Program Fees, Please click here


3- All Payments are non-refundable after attending two sessions 


4- There is $50 non-refundable Registration Fees in all cases.


5- All Payments for Semester A (September – January) must be made by September 15th.

          -Payment for semester A can start from August 1st until September 15.


6- All Payments for Semester B (February – June) must be made by February 28th.


7- Payments can be made by the following methods:


      A- Online through PayPal, Please click here


      B- Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT):

               - Used for Annual payments only (see 13.A)  

               - Amount is divided on 3 monthes only

               - Withdrawn on the 1st of each month  

               - Requires a void cheque or Direct Deposit Form from your bank.

               - If your EFT payment is rejected due to insufficient funds, a $15 penalty fee will be charged to

                    your account in addition to the offsetting balance.


       C- In cash. (No partial payments will be accepted)


       D- By cheque(s).  

               - Must be payable to “Muslim Association of Canada” and dated before the 20th of each month.  

               - Can be paid in 4 installments only, all dated before the last month of each semester

                              -Semester A: Last cheque dated to no later than December.

                              -Semester B: Last cheque dated to no later than May.  

               - Cheques will be withdrawn from the students account during the last week of each month so

                    please ensure sufficient funds are available in your account during this period.

              - If a cheque is rejected, a $15 penalty fees will be charged to your account in addition to the

                    offsetting balance.


8- Payments can be made in installments by cheques or EFT only.


9- All payments for the semester must be withdrawn completely from the student account before the end of

        thsemester. No student will be reregistered until prior payments are paid and their account

        balance is cleared to zero.


10- All payments must be made per student per semester not a lump-sum amount for all students.  


11- If a student is not able to attend his/her halaqa, in order to receive a credit for the remaining halaqas,

        the student must inform the management by emailing  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) prior to missing

       any halaqas. (Verbal communication and requests at the end of the semester will not be accepted).


12- Cash payments per month or per week will not be accepted.