Discounts & Financial aid

Al-Otrojah Offers the Following discounts & student Financial aids:
  • Payments can be made in installments by cheques or Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT).
  • Family discount for the same taxpayer of $30 for the second, third, fourth and fifth students. (Teachers' Training, Makharij & Sifat (Noraniya) and summer courses are excluded.)
  • Discount for the Students who take two courses at the same time, They will get a $30 discount on the second course only. (Teachers' Training, Makharij & Sifat (Noraniya) and summer courses are excluded )
  •  Discount on Annual Fees payment (Semester A + Semester B) if the student pays them together in advance.
  • Students who need to receive any extra discounts on the fees should apply for MAC fund program by sending an e-mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and fulfill all the program requirements. (Deadline for Semester A is September 30th and  Deadline for Semester B is February 28th.)