According to their age, memorization level and own needs, applicants are enrolled in one of the levels shown below.  Please note that Reading "tarteel" & memorization is according to Hafs from Asem from the way of Shatebya. Al-Otrojah adopts an annual study system (2 semesters/year) (5 months/semester), and each Halaka is up to 2-hours long (length of Halaqa is dependant on number of students.


** We offer different discounts , Financial aid and students also can pay by installments please click here for more details.


Adult Programs







  Learning to read Arabic writing of the holy Qur'an using Al-Qa'eda Al-Noranyah and Arabic Alphabets by teaching how to Pronounce it.

3 Semesters $300/Semester

Tarteel ( Beginners)

Reading all Quran in "tarteel" with recitation ,and learning tajweed practical and theoretical.


3-4 Semesters


               Advanced Tarteel

 Reading Quran with recitation ,and   learning tajweed practical and     theoretical.

 **For Students who have Very Good command of Arabic Language

              1    4 semesters    $300/Semester

Hifz (A)

Memorizing all Quran starting with Al-Baqarah (2.5 pages/week), learning like verses (Mutashabehat)

with tajweed practical and theoretical, and meanings.


6-8 Years


Hifz (B)

Condensed Memorization of all Quran starting with Al-Baqarah 
(5 pages/week), learning like verses

with tajweed practical and theoretical, and meanings


4-5 Years


Hifz (C)

Slow Qur'an Memorization starting with Al-Baqarah (1 page/week) 
with tajweed
practical and theoretical, & meanings




Hifz (D)

Slow Memorization starting with the last chapter of Qur'an. ( 1 Page/week).

With Tajweed practical & theoretical and Meanings.

1  __ $300/Semester
 Hifz (A) - Qaloon An Nafeaa

Memorizing all Quran with Qaloon An Nafeaa reading starting with Al-Baqarah (2.5 pages/week), learning like verses (Mutashabehat)

with tajweed practical and theoretical, and meanings.

1 6-8 years $300/Semester

Revise the student's hifz , correct his makharij and learn about theoretical Tajweed.

1 1 Semester $450/Semester



Revision and memory recitation of the entire Qur'an in front of a “Shaikh”  who has Ejaza with correction of Tajweed , Makharij & sifat and learning like verses

  •     Memorization of the whole Quran with Good Tajweed & articulation is required to join this level


2-3 Years


Teachers Programs

Teachers' Training Course

Training theoretically and practically on the methods of teaching Al-OtrojaH and curriculum

  • Tajweed Background, Correct Recitation & Memorization of a considerable amount of Holy Quran is required to join this level


30 Training Hours 


Makharij & Sifat Course 

Training on correction of the student    Makharij using Al Qaeda Noraniyah Book for Children and adults.


 30 Training Hours $200/Semester

Children Programs


Halaqa/ Week Duration Fees

Young Muslim Program

(5-14 years old)

Memorize the Quran From the Last chapter,teaches them how to read , Teach Noranyiah, Practical Tajweed catered especially for children and Teaches Islamic values.

1 Based on the child assessment $300/Semester

Kottab Program

( 3-5 years old)

Memorizing the Quran with the recurrent recitation (Talqeen)  method in small kids group, and teaching them how to read Arabic letters by using Bidaya books.

1 Based on the Child assessment 300$/Semester

Special Programs

Description Halaqa/Week Duration Fees

Bidaya Program

(4 years old and older)

An educational Program that teaches how to read Arabic writing of the Quran to all educational levels,age   groups, and Arabic and non-Arabic   speakers.


 2 Semesters


Quranic Arabic

Arabic Linguistics Course to directly understand Quran. Nahw, Sarf and Balagha.

The Halaqas will be cover Al-Madinah Books.


5-6 Semesters




 Revise the Whole Quran focusing     on weak memorization areas of       the student and Studying           Mutashabehat 

               1       $300/Semester

Taj Ul-Waqar

(9-14 years old)


Condensed Memorization, revision and Tajweed Program for the child to finish the entire Qur'an.

  • Memorization 3 chapters of Quran is required to join this level
             3     2-3 Years     $170/ Month
After School Program *NEW
(4 years old and older) 


Memorize the Quran From the Last chapter and teaching them how to read Arabic letters by using Bidaya books.



Amount of hifz will be determined after assessment.

400$/ Semester


*Please Note that One Academic Year has Two Semesters.

One Semester is 5 Months

Semester A ( September to January)

Semester B (February to June)