Sponsor Quran Student/Halaqa


Sponsor a Quran Student /Halaqa

Sponsor a low income Quran student to continue memorizing The book of Allah. Support Al-Otrojah by sponsoring a Quran Halaqa.


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15% of our students are low-income students
• We offer up to 90% discount to their fees
• Sponsored students have more stable attendance & achievements
 Sponsor a Student: $560 / year OR $47 / month for a year
(Tuition fees per student per year) 
 Sponsor a Halaka: $1280 / year OR $107 / month for a year
(Teaching cost per Halaqa (class) per year)
• Tax deductible 
• Donation can be done online,cash, by cheque(s), or pledges.

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